Publication activity records

On the basis of the Rector's Directive 21R/2011 "Records of Publication Activities and Other Professional Activities" (.pdf, Czech only), the author shall fill in the electronic registration form in the OBD system, which is available at no later than 30 days after the achievement of the result.

The University Library records the publishing activities of the University of West Bohemia staff in the on-line catalog ALEPH and produces the necessary outputs. The full texts are submitted to the relevant professional libraries. The author submits a copy of the full text in legible form including visible pagination. This copy must also include a photocopied title page, a cover page or a page with the publisher's details, i.e., ISBN or ISSN, name of the publisher, the place and year of publication.

In the case of J - peer-reviewed article and D - paper (article) in proceedings, the author also attaches an electronic version of the result in the OBD form, which is subsequently published in the UWB Digital Library in accordance with the publisher's policy on open access publishing.

Instructions and information on how to save publication results can be found in the following presentations:


Bc. Šárka Klasnová

Contact person for Faculty of Applied Sciences, Faculty of Electrical Engineering, Faculty of Philosophy and Arts, Faculty of Mechanical Engineering, Ladislav Sutnar´s Faculty of Design and Art, New Technologies – Research Centre, Institut of Applied language Studies, Rector's office, ICT Centre, Institute of Life-long Education

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Mgr. Lucie Hajšmanová

Contact person for the Faculty of Law

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Martina Eliášková

Contact person for the Faculty of Education

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Jana Martínková

Contact person for the Faculty of Health Care Studies

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Jana Tomanová

Contact person for the Faculty of Economics

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