Interlibrary loan service (ILL)

Information on ILL for external applicants

Online ILL form for external applicants – libraries in the Czech Republic (Czech only)

Information on ILL for users of the UWB University Library

If the document (book, magazine article, etc.) that the user needs to borrow is not in the collection of the UWB University Library or in the collection of another library in the city of Pilsen, it can be borrowed through the interlibrary loan service. If the document is available in the Czech Republic, the library that has it in its collection will lend the document to the UWB University Library for a limited period of time (about 1 month), or - in the case of short documents - will send a photocopy. In the case of Czech libraries, the loan is free of charge, only the postage is paid.

If the document is not available in the Czech Republic, it is possible to use the International Interlibrary Loan Service (IILL) in a similar way and borrow the document abroad. The fee for international borrowing is CZK 250 (CZK 500 at the British Library).

More detailed rules for the provision of ILL and IILL are set out in the Library and Lending Regulations of the UWB University Library. Further information can be provided by the staff of individual library branches: