Evaluation of science

The evaluation of the results of research organizations is carried out according to the approved Methodology for the Evaluation of Research Organizations (.pdf, Czech only) and the details of the method of submission are determined by the Government Council for Research, Development and Innovation (RVVI).

Essential documents and links for science and RIV evaluation

Bibliometric results

Published results subject to evaluation using bibliometric analysis and bibliometric indicators. These results include journal articles and conference papers included in the Web of Science and Scopus databases with Article Influence Score and Scimago Journal Rank indicators.

Non-bibliometric results

All other types of results fall under non-bibliometric results. 10% of the results from each institution are sent for evaluation. These results are evaluated in Category I – Contribution to Knowledge (basic research results) and Category II – Societal Relevance (applied research results). These results include books, book chapters, other peer-reviewed articles, patents, industrial and utility models, prototypes, working samples, semi-operations, proven technology, software, results reflected in legislation, standards, etc., methodologies, specialized maps, research reports, organization of an exhibition, conference, workshop.

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