Book return boxes

The UWB University Library together with the Science and Research Library of the Pilsen Region offers readers a service for a quick return of borrowed documents even outside the opening hours of both libraries – book return boxes (biblioboxes).

The return of documents is governed by the applicable Library Rules (Czech only) of the respective library. Books will be marked as returned in the reader's account during the next working day. If  readers return books after the loan period, they will pay late fees on their next visit to the library or by bank transfer (information at the library).

Returns can be checked by logging into one's reader's account in the library's online catalog, by email or by phone.

However, it is not possible to return books from the Library of the Faculty of Economics in Cheb, documents on CD or DVD, and bulky publications via the book return boxes.

Location of the book return boxes

  • Klatovská 51 (outside the Faculty of Education, accessible 24/7)
  • Sady Pětatřicátníků 14 (in the lobby of the Faculty of Law, accessible 7.00–20.00)
  • Univerzitní 22 (by the entrance to the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering, accessible 24/7)
  • Bolevecká 30 (in the dormitory lobby, accessible 24/7 – in the evening the porter will need to let you in)
  • Nádražní 9 (in the upper hall of the Main Railway Station opposite the entrance to the waiting room, accessible Mon–Sat 3.45–23.00, Sun 4:40-23:00)
  • Husova 60 (in the hall of the Central Bus Station opposite the main entrance, accessible 5:00-22:00)