Extract from the UWB University Library price list

Library membership fees

Library cards:

For UWB students and employees with a JIS card ... free of charge
Library card with a barcode ... CZK 100 / year
Issuing a duplicate library card with a barcode ... CZK 20 CZK
One-time visit ... CZK 20

Use of electronic information resources:

Registered users ... free of charge
Note: electronic information resources bound by license conditions are available for independent use and for preparation of literature search only to the users specified in the contract, i.e., UWB students and staff and registered users.

Reprographic services

Black and white printing and reprographic services:

  • One-sided – CZK 1.50 / A4
  • Double-sided – CZK 3 / A4

Color printing and reprographic services:

  • One-sided – CZK 6 / A4
  • Double-sided – CZK 12 / A4

Reprographic and printing services in A3 format are twice the price of A4 format.

More information about reprographic services ...

Interlibrary Loan Service (ILS)

For registered users, the price of the interlibrary loan service and the international interlibrary loan service corresponds to the costs incurred according to the price list of the supplying library.

More information about ILS...

Literature search services

UWB employees and PhD students ... free of charge
UWB students .... free methodological assistance

More information about literature search services ...

Sale of office supplies and ring binders

Paper folder with sheet protectors ... CZK 6
Plastic folder L ... CZK 6
Sheet protector (sleeve) ... CZK 1
Ring binding (foil, back cover, spine 10 mm) ... CZK 15
Ring binding (foil, back cover, spine 16 mm) ... CZK 20
Ring binding (foil, back cover, spine 32 mm) ... CZK 25
Laminating sheets A4 (upon request, including lamination) ... CZK 10

Paper A4 (5 sheets) ... CZK 2
Plastic binder ... CZK 6
Ballpoint pen ... CZK 12
Notebook A4 ... CZK 15
Folder with a snap fastener ... CZK 15
Pencil ... CZK 6
Flash disk 8 GB ... CZK 130

The prices include VAT.