Printing and reprographic services for library users


Printers connected to the central university printing system (https://tisk.zcu.czare equipped with a terminal with a colour touch screen and an integrated JIS card reader.

The cost of the service is deducted from the credit on the ISKAM account, which can be topped up at university library branches. An overview of all the options for topping up can be found here

Information on current prices for printing and reprographic services can be found in the price list.

Printing options

  • from the Orion interface on computers in study rooms, public classrooms or from your own computer. Users must log in with their Orion password.
  • by uploading a PDF or image file on the service's website
  • by sending a PDF file to the email address The system processes only PDF attachments from the received message and saves them in the sender's print queue. Therefore, the user must send the message from their university address.

Printing procedure

The user walks up to any printer connected to the system, attaches the JIS card to the terminal, specifies the print payer (for work-related prints this is one of the employee's workplaces) and selects the files he or she wants printed.

Book scanners

Three Bookeye 5 V3 Kiosk book scanners are available to all users of the University Library. They allow scanning of books and documents up to A3 size. Books can be placed on a flat surface or a V-shaped adjustable book cradle can be used. There is a preview touch screen and a touch control display. Operation of the scanner is quite simple. Use a flash drive to store documents or send a document to your email address. We will be happy to help you with the operation of the scanner.

Scanners are located in the Bory Library (Univerzitni 18), in the Education Library (Klatovská 51) and in the Arts and Law Library (Pětatřicátníků 16).