Purchase of specialized literature

How to order

The ordering of books is done via the Magion system. The requestor makes the request electronically and by changing the status to "forwarded request" forwards it to the ordering point for processing.

The Magion web interface with tutorials can be found at http://magion.zcu.cz. The procedure for submitting an application form in EIS MAGION is available at: https://www.magion.zcu.cz/ (Czech only).

The detailed acquisition procedure is described in the document University Library Rules for Acquisition and Delivery of Specialized Literature (Czech only) at:


General information on purchasing books – see below.

If you have any questions, please contact us by email at akvizice@uk.zcu.cz.

ID assignment

With regard to the subject of performance, the purchase of literature is divided into the following groups, which are assigned the following central ID (to be indicated on the order):

The year 2024

1.1. Purchase of literature for the University Library collection

  1. Printed books – ID 1794/24
  2. Electronic books – ID 1799/24
  3. Periodicals – ID 1801/24

1.2. Purchase of literature for consumption – ID 1804/24


Jan Malý

Book purchase for Faculty of Applied Sciences, Faculty of Electrical Engineering, Faculty of Philosophy and Arts, Faculty of Mechanical Engineering, Ladislav Sutnar´s Faculty of Design and Art, New Technologies – Research Centre, Institut of Applied language Studies, Rector's office, ICT Centre, Institute of Life-long Education

+420 377 637 717


Jindra Semlerová

Purchase & subscription periodical

+420 377 637 753


Mgr. Zuzana Činátlová

Book purchase for the Faculty of Education

+420 377 637 730


Mgr. Lucie Hajšmanová

Book purchase for the Faculty of Philosophy and Art

+420 377 637 737


Lenka Fajmanová

Book purchase for the Faculty of Law

+420 377 637 746


Jana Martínková

Book purchase for the Faculty of Health Care Studies

+420 377 637 788


Jana Tomanová

Book purchase for the Faculty of Economics

+420 377 637 760

General information on purchasing books

The University Library builds a collection of books, periodicals and other types of documents, profiled in accordance with the fields of study and research objectives of UWB.

According to the rules established by the Bursar's Board in 2000, the purchase of the library collection is paid for from several sources:

  • from the funds of individual departments: both the purchase of literature for academic staff, who usually have them on long-term loan, and books for students in reading rooms and for lending libraries are covered
  • The University Library uses its budget to pay for electronic information resources of multidisciplinary nature, books and journals of reference and encyclopaedic type

  • donations: e.g. university textbooks published by UWB and some other publications of university libraries

Individual departments and the library can purchase library collections either from regular operating funds or from earmarked funds (grants, research projects, etc.).

If you have suggestions for additional titles to purchase, please contact your department or your teachers, or submit a suggestion via the online form  Book Purchase Proposal (Czech only) – we will try to handle your request.