Electronic information resources

Access to licensed e-resources is available to registered library users from computers at UWB. For students, academic and scientific staff there is also the possibility of remote access after authentication with an Orion account via Shibboleth technology. More detailed information about access can be found in the description of individual e-resources.

By accessing a specific e-resources, the user declares that he/she has been acquainted with and undertakes to comply with the Rules for the Use of Licensed Electronic Information Resources:

–  Rules for the Use of Licensed Electronic Information Resources (EIR)

The authorized user agrees to comply with these rules without exception when using licensed EIRs:

  • He/she will use the EIR exclusively for non-commercial purposes, i.e., teaching, study or research, and for his/her own personal use;
  • will not systematically (especially automatically/robotically) or regularly download all or substantial parts of the content of the EIR, in particular will not download, copy or print entire issues of electronic journals or texts of entire chapters, much less entire electronic books, or create copies of databases;
  • will not edit, modify, translate or create any derivative works of the accessible EIR or any part thereof;
  • will not remove, conceal or modify copyright notices or other notices contained or displayed in the EIRs made available;
  • will not pass on the obtained texts or data (directly or indirectly) to other persons for any further distribution; that is: not to redistribute, reproduce, copy, lend, share, distribute (even on a public computer network) free of charge or for a fee;
  • will comply with all other terms and conditions of use that apply to the particular resource and that are set out in the relevant license agreement published at czechelib.cz;
  • will not pass on his/her authorization data intended for remote access to the EIR for use by another person and shall protect such data from misuse.

The authorized user acknowledges that all rights in the EIR remain with the Licensor and its suppliers, if any, and that unauthorized distribution of the disclosed documents or parts thereof may significantly harm the Licensor and its suppliers.

When using EIRs, it is also necessary to respect the principles arising from Act No. 121/2000 Coll., the Copyright Act, as amended, and the copyright legislation of the country of the publisher or provider of the EIR.

Violation of these rules entitles the institution to take action under Article 4 (points 4 and 5) of the Library Rules.

The terms and conditions for the use of EIRs within the CzechELib project are further defined in specific license agreements, which are available at https://www.czechelib.cz/en/157-license-agreements.




We are members of the CzechELib project (National Center for Electronic Information Resources).

The mission of CzechELib is to create higher quality conditions for access to electronic information resources (EIRs) for member institutions, increase the efficiency of the research, development and education areas. The long-term intention of CzechELib is to implement Open Access elements into license agreements with EIZ providers.