Open Access Publishing

Publication fees

Open Access publishing provides free and unlimited online access to scientific literature and scholarly information.

Open Access publishing requires an Article Processing Charge (APC) to cover the costs of publishing an article in an OA journal (i.e. editorial costs for peer review, editorial processing, access, archiving, and infrastructure).

The APC fee is paid by the author or the author's department (university or research organization), most often from project funds.

The amount of this fee varies from journal/publisher to journal, taking into account the different costs and prestige of the journal. The average cost is 2500 €. The specific amount of the APC fee should be transparent and searchable on the publisher's website.

Tokens and discounts at publishers in 2024

Within the framework of the concluded transformation contracts with some publishers (via CzechELib), a limited number of tokens are available for the payment APC fees or discounts are offered:

Springer Nature: 5/7 tokens (17.5.2024)
Wiley: 4/8 tokens (3.4.2024)
Taylor & Francis: 1/6 tokens (6.5.2024)
Emerald Publishing (col. Engineering): 2/2 tokens (8.3.2024)
ACM: unlimited tokens
Cambridge University Press: unlimited tokens
Sage: 20% discount

Instructions for authors

Instructions for authors can be found on the website of the CzechELib National Centre. You can also find an informative list of journals with free/discounted OA publishing.

Tokens are allocated according to the "First come first served" rule.

For communication with publishers it is necessary to indicate the affiliation to UWB, i.e. use e-mail with the domain

We recommend using tokens only if APC funding from other sources is not available.

1 token = 1 paid APC fee per article (no additional costs for UWB).

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