On-line plagiarism check – Similarity Check

The online tool Similarity Check is a CrossRef plagiarism checking tool.

It is provided to all member institutions on discounted financial terms, but the publisher's cooperation in the creation of the full-text database is expected.

Similarity Check is used by publishers of scholarly literature across the international spectrum, which to some extent protects the documents of a given publisher, and thus its authors. As the texts are maintained in an international database, within which they are then compared with other studies, the likelihood of plagiarism is very low.

The plagiarism checking option only applies to documents that have been assigned a DOI and are therefore registered with CrossRef. UWB is obliged to make available at least 90% of these documents, even if the full texts are charged for. CrossRef undertakes that users will not seek access to them in this way.

As this is an interface above the iThenticate database, it is only possible to check texts in English.

Further information on the Similarity Check.

If you are interested in using Similarity Check, please contact us by email (vydavatel@uk.zcu.cz) or by telephone at +420 377 631 950.