Publishing scientific publications – information for authors

Peer review process

In order to start the peer review process of your scientific publication, we will need from you:

The review procedure is arranged by the UWB University Press in cooperation with the Scientific Editorial Office of UWB and is governed by the Rector's Directive No. 3R/2017 on editorial activities (as amended in 2021, Czech only).

Requirements for RIV

If you want to submit your publication to RIV, do not forget about the formal attributes of the book:

  • a minimum of 50 printed pages of text, excluding images, maps, etc.
  • references to literature in the text
  • list of literature used
  • an abstract in at least one world language
  • possibly notes and bibliography of sources
  • ISBN or ISMN
  • more information on the science assessment methodology

Of course, the demands on the content and professional quality of the publication must also be taken into account. See the mentioned methodology.

More information about publishing, reporting and evaluation can be found in the Science Support section.

Other requirements for the publication

We ask you not to forget to mention/include the following in the publication:

  • the UWB logo: place the UWB logo on the cover of the publication, or the logo of your faculty (see the Guidelines on the uniform visual style). The UWB logos can be found on the UWB portal.
  • the ISBN and the year of publication: on the second page of the publication, indicate the ISBN number and under it the text "Published by the University of West Bohemia" and the year of publication. The ISBN number, as well as the edition number and the publication number, will be communicated to you as soon as the publication is approved by the UWB Scientific Editorial Board. The ISBN should be given in the following format: ISBN 978-80-261-XXXX-X, i.e., with the abbreviation ISBN and without the colon (more about the rules for assigning ISBNs, Czech only).
  • the copyright page: the copyright page of the publication, usually placed at the end of the publication, should contain:
    • information that "The publication has been approved by the Scientific Editorial Board of the University of West Bohemia."
    • the names of the reviewers
    • the edition number and the publication number
    • mandatory statutory data: author, title of the publication, translator (if a translation), name and address of the publishing house, name and address of the printing house, the year of publication, the original title of the work and the original publisher (if a translation) - see the provisions of Act No. 37/1995 Coll. on non-periodical publications
    • any other optional data: edition number, number of pages, print run, editor(s), etc.
    • we offer you a sample copyright page, which you can modify according to your needs

Also, be sure to check the licensing rights for any images used in the publication. Here is some basic information (Czech only) on licensing rights. If you are unsure, we recommend contacting the Legal Department.

Delivery of compulsory copies

Within 4 days of publication, the editor/author will submit 18 copies of the publication to the UWB Publishing House together with an annotation.

In the case of on-line publications, it is necessary to send the text of the on-line publication (in .pdf format or other non-editable format) to the UWB University Press, which will be published in the UWB Digital Library.

Typesetting and printing

At the UWB University Press we will also be happy to arrange printing of your publication.

We will also help you with prepress editing – we will take care of the layout of the publication in Adobe InDesign and in cooperation with graduates of the Ladislav Sutnar Faculty of Design and Art we will prepare a graphic design of the cover according to your ideas.

We are here for you

In case of need, please contact us by e-mail ( or by phone at +420 377 631 950. We will be happy to assist or advise you.